Label Claims: Consumer Values Verified

In response to consumer demand for improved transparency and trustworthiness in product, sourcing and production claims, manufacturers and retailers need professional and trusted verification of these labeling claims. That’s why NSF International has established the Consumer Values Verified Program. Truth and transparency in labeling continues to rise in importance as consumers seek lifestyle choice products. Making a claim on a label is not enough for today’s conscious shoppers -- they want proof. NSF guides manufacturers, marketers and retailers through the process of ensuring their brands and products meet label claim requirements for a variety of lifestyle, dietary, religious and sourcing claims. The Consumer Values Verified Program provides guidance, assurance and proof for non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and certified source claims. With more than 70 years of verification and certification experience, we offer the power of proof to our partners. Because knowing is not just nice; it is essential in today’s marketplace.

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