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The Global Wind Organisation (GWO), a non-profit body founded by wind turbine manufacturers and owners, aims to achieve an injury-free work environment in the wind turbine industry through the deployment of common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

Certification bodies, such as NSF, are required to audit training providers wishing to offer GWO certified training. This process certifies a training provider to conduct training according to GWO standards using the required equipment in an appropriate environment.

NSF is one of the first North American certification bodies to offer GWO certification to training providers.

Benefits of GWO Certification

Wind turbine maintenance can be hazardous, and it is important for individuals who work in the field to have proper occupational health and safety training to mitigate the risk involved.

Risk Mitigation
GWO standards reflect the risks that technicians face on the job, and certification ensures that trainers reflect those needs.

Employers accept the GWO-certified training of technicians, wherever they were trained.

Employers avoid duplicating training so that technicians are available for more productive workdays on site.

When a training facility becomes certified to the GWO criteria they are listed on the WINDA database, which allows employers to instantly validate worker credentials.

Why Work with NSF

NSF is one of the first North American certification bodies to offer certification to GWO standards. Our auditors are experts in your industry and can anticipate issues that may impact your audit experience. Our customers can count on receiving the highest level of service from their certification body when they work with us.

You can be confident in working with an organization that has 75 years of certification experience and deep expertise in occupational health and safety audits.

Certification Process

Steps to becoming a GWO certified training provider:

  1. Standard review
    Study and understand the four pillars of GWO certification.
    • Physical resources: Demonstrate your resources will ensure consistent delivery of training and assessment in accordance with the GWO training standard(s).
    • Management systems: An effective and formally documented system is required to assure quality, course content, safety of training and assessment in compliance with the GWO approval criteria.
    • Staff resources: Your organization’s staffing and resources must follow national legislation, applicable standards and regulations.
    • Training and assessment: Demonstrate your training and assessment has been done in an orderly manner and evaluated properly.
  2. Application
    Your company fills out an application and we issue a quotation and terms and conditions.
  3. Scheduling
    We assign an audit team and create a schedule.
  4. On-site audit
    We arrange an on-site audit to verify compliance with the four pillars described in the Criteria for Training Providers. This framework ensures training providers maintain the expected quality in their training, personnel, training environment and equipment.
  5. Certification
    After your certification is complete, NSF sends a copy of your certificate, along with detailed contact information for a relevant individual at your company, to the GWO. GWO then contacts your company and completes your registration as a training provider. After certification you will be emailed the Certified Training Provider logo, your company will be displayed on the GWO Training Provider Map and you will be granted access to WINDA, a database that helps employers verify the certification status of GWO certified training providers and the training status of people who have attended GWO certified training courses.
  6. Surveillance and recertification
    GWO certification is valid for three years, during which you will be subject to surveillance audits by your certification body to check the continuing quality and compliance of your service delivery. After your certification period is over, your site or sites must be re-audited by a certification body according to the current criteria.

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