Vegan Certification

Accredited third-party validation that a product is Vegan, free from animal ingredients and cruelty-free.
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BeVeg ISO Accredited Vegan Certification

Whether for reasons related to health and well-being, animal welfare or the environment, veganism continues to rise around the globe. As a result, companies are becoming even more innovative in developing products for this lifestyle. Today, there are more products labeled “Vegan” on supermarket shelves and menus than ever before.

The global Vegan food market is expected to reach a value of over $22 billion in 2025, with an expected compound growth rate of 9% (source: Statistica).

To support this, NSF offers Vegan certification based on the BeVeg Vegan standard. The program delivers consumer confidence and helps brands to independently validate their Vegan credentials.

What This Means for Consumers

For the plant-based, flexitarian or Vegan consumer, the BeVeg Vegan certification trademark means:

  • Does not contain any animal ingredients, animal byproducts or animal-derived GMOs or genes in the manufacturing and ingredient sourcing of the finished product (no meat, fish, fowl, silk, insect dyes, misleading natural flavorings, colorings, eggs, milk, lactose, honey, etc.)
  • Comes from a factory that was audited to demonstrate a commitment to Vegan controls and Vegan integrity to prevent cross-contamination with animal materials (purchasing controls, label checks, allergen controls, separation, segregation and other global food/product safety initiatives are formally confirmed to be in place)
  • Does not involve animal testing and is cruelty-free

What This Means for Product Manufacturers

The BeVeg Vegan certification independently validates that processes are in accordance with ISO 17065 requirements. This robust program means that manufacturers can:

  • Place the BeVeg Vegan trademark logo on their product packaging, allowing consumers to recognize instantly that the product is officially Vegan
  • Bundle the BeVeg certification with other certifications that NSF offers, such as plant-based, organic and non-GMO, potentially saving time and money
  • Implement a program that provides valid Vegan certification for the global market

Once your application has been submitted, the BeVeg certification involves a four-step process inclusive of facility audits.

Three Reasons to Choose NSF for BeVeg Vegan Certification

  • NSF’s deep understanding of certification means you get a thorough, professionally delivered audit, ultimately adding confidence to your claims.
  • Our experience and expertise across the food industry mean you’ve selected a recognized provider of assurance.
  • With NSF’s presence in 180 countries, we can validate your Vegan product claims around the world.

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