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Advisory Circular (AC) 00-56B Management Systems Certification

Establish the eligibility of your type-certified products for installation and improve the traceability of your inventory by registering for FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 00-56B management systems certification.

Instead of pursuing mandatory federal regulation, the FAA developed AC 00-56B to help civil aircraft parts distributors selling U.S. type-certified products resolve documentation and traceability issues.

AC 00-56B certification shows your company’s participation in voluntary industry oversight of your quality systems. In addition to being recognized by the FAA as an approved customer, your company will establish the eligibility of your parts or products for installation, ensure proper documentation of your parts and improve the traceability of your inventory.

AC 00-56B certified distributors can apply to become part of the FAA Voluntary Industry Distribution Accreditation Program database, increasing the market for their products.

As one of the largest accredited certification bodies for aerospace certifications in the world, our industry experience allows us to better support our customers by streamlining the process of applying for a first-time certification or transferring an old registration to this standard.

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