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Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Products

NSF certifies top-tier facility management and product quality in the dietary and nutritional industry. Our tailored consulting, training, and certification services help ensure compliance and inspire confidence in industry professionals and customers.

NSF helps ensure the highest level of facility management and product quality for the dietary and nutritional product industries. Our comprehensive consulting and training solutions deliver customized programs that support your needs and meet federal oversight requirements while NSF certification services help you build confidence with industry professionals and your customers by demonstrating that extra precautions were taken to ensure the quality and safety of facilities and products.

Explore Our Solution Areas

GMP Certification
NSF provides GMP registration and NSF/ANSI 455 certification for dietary supplements, cosmetics, personal care products and OTC drugs.
CBD and Hemp Product Certification
NSF certifies CBD and hemp products to NSF/ANSI 173, NSF 229, NSF 527 and NSF 306 (Certified for Sport®) while also testing THC levels and residual solvents.
Product and Ingredient Certification
Product and ingredient certification ensures an extra layer of quality for dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics and personal care products through comprehensive testing and detailed facility audits.
GMP Regulatory Compliance
Prepare your audit documentation and follow procedures for facility audits with the help of our experts. Our staff of former regulators provides in-depth training for manufacturing teams, so you can avoid costly corrective actions from the FDA.
Product-Focused Regulatory Compliance
Receive assistance with product label review, new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications and generally recognized as safe (GRAS) dossier preparation. Let us guide your team through these rigorous processes and expedite products to market.
NSF and the Amazon Dietary Supplement Policy
NSF provides compliance verification services against Amazon's Dietary Supplements Policy. Find out more about testing and certifying your products with NSF.
Dietary Supplement Management Systems Certifications
Rely on NSF-ISR for comprehensive management systems solutions to help mitigate risk and protect your dietary supplement manufacturing business.
Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Training
We support the dietary supplement industry worldwide by providing high-quality training on a variety of topics instrumental to understanding regulations and critical to achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance.

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