Paul Medeiros headshot

Paul Medeiros, M.S., CPHI (C)

Managing Director

Consulting and Technical Services

North America

Paul Medeiros has more than 28 years of strategic and technical experience in food safety, quality management and public health. His wealth of senior management experience in consulting and technical services allows Mr. Medeiros to support food safety and quality services in North America through fully integrated consulting, technical and assurance services in the agriculture, supply chain management and retail sectors.

As the food supply chain becomes increasingly more complex, Mr. Medeiros plays an essential role in providing innovative risk solutions to North American companies, helping them protect public health and food supply chain, and in turn, protect their brand integrity.

Mr. Medeiros is also a key founder of an NSF assurance program that helps organizations of all types and sizes follow best-practice guidance on COVID-19 risk management and to communicate their commitment to protecting their employees and customers through this program.

In addition, Mr. Medeiros is a Certified Public Health Inspector (CPHI(C)).

His areas of expertise include:

  • Quality assurance
  • Risk management
  • Food safety
  • Public health