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NSF-ISR Webinars Break Down the ISO Certification Process

NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) is one of the largest certification bodies in the world for a wide range of industries. The company’s expertise in the certification process is now available as a series of downloadable webinars.

In Organizational Knowledge, NSF-ISR experts explain how to create value in a company’s approach to certification. Watching Internal Auditing Program Expectations for the ISO Certified Organization will help you understand the common practices and avoidable traps of an internal audit program. Contract Review focuses on protecting organizations from contractually agreeing to nonsensical and costly endeavors.

The webinars also go into more specific topics. Effective Corrective Action Responses explores the general expectations and what auditors are looking for when an organization submits a corrective action. And the minimum requirements of an air quality management system (AQMS) are explained in Documented Information of the AQMS.

By knowing what to expect, an organization can achieve greater consistency and predictability by effectively and efficiently meeting the standards requirements of ISO certification.

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