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NSF Receives Designation as a WHO Collaborating Centre on Water Quality, Food Safety and Medical Device Safety

Under the renewed designation, NSF provides support in the areas of Drinking Water Quality, Food Safety, and Medical Device Safety for WHO’s mission-based work.

NSF has been designated again a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Water Quality and Food Safety, and now for Medical Device Safety.

As one of approximately 800 WHO Collaborating Centres around the world, NSF contributes to the strengthening of food and water safety and capacity building in developing countries.

“NSF’s designation as a WHO Collaborating Centre is aligned with our mission to protect and improve global human health,” said Pedro Sancha, NSF President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are honored to support the WHO and its Member States in the crucial areas of drinking water quality, food safety, and now medical device safety, leveraging our expertise to support healthier lives around the world.”

NSF’s support to WHO and its 192 Member States includes:

  • Drinking Water Quality: NSF tests Household Water Treatment (HWT) technologies according to the WHO performance standards and protocols.
  • Toxicology: NSF toxicologists provide technical support and toxicological chemical risk assessments to update and harmonize WHO’s drinking water quality guidelines.
  • Food Safety: Food safety methodology improvement and risk assessments for food additives and contaminants per the Environmental Health Criteria EHC 240.
  • Medical Device Safety: Starting in 2022, NSF will be providing medical device and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) regulation training and education to assist WHO in strengthening capacity in resource-limited locations.

WHO Collaborating Centres are designated by the Director-General of WHO to carry out activities in support of the organization’s programs and mandate for international health. NSF has held the designation of a WHO Collaborating Centre since 1996 and has continuously received designation based on NSF’s technical expertise, independent not-for-profit status, commitment to public health, and continued support for WHO.

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