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State of Michigan Announces Collaboration With NSF to Minimize COVID-19 Risks in Workplaces

MIOSHA is partnering with NSF to expand its COVID-19 safety ambassador program for businesses across Michigan.

Michigan businesses can now schedule COVID-19 safety consultations as a part of a new Ambassador program partnership with NSF and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). MIOSHA Ambassadors are conducting outreach to statewide businesses to offer education and support to implement regulations on workplace safety.

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“Partnering with NSF allows us to do even more for businesses at a time when we know they need the support,” said COVID-19 Workplace Safety Director Sean Egan. “As experts on public health and safety, NSF brings the exact prowess we need during this challenging time. Together, our Ambassadors will help businesses to understand and comply with changing regulations.”

“The State of Michigan has been a national leader in providing education and resources to local businesses in response to COVID-19 and we’re proud to support that ongoing effort,” said Paul Medeiros, Managing Director of NSF’s Consulting and Technical Services group. “We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and institutions around the world to minimize COVID-19 risks for employees and customers. This program will help Michigan businesses understand regulations and best practices so they can keep their doors open.”

Read the press release from MIOSHA.

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