June 2022

· 5 min read

NSF Expands Popular Virtual Pharmaceutical Course Timings for North American Delegates

NSF is a world leader in high-quality pharmaceutical training and education. Our mission includes making this learning as convenient and effective as possible for every audience, regardless of time zone.
Woman participates in virtual conference – Engage Employees With Effective Remote Learning | NSF

Now, in addition to our pharmaceutical training solutions for corporate clients and our self-paced eLearning, we’re running some of our most popular virtual, instructor-led courses at times convenient for North American audiences. We’ve also expanded the payment options for these courses to include USD.

Our comprehensive training programs will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to meet the challenges of a complex global pharmaceutical industry.

The comprehensive list includes:

Trust NSF for robust pharmaceutical training solutions. You will receive education from expert tutors, typically with 30-plus years of industry or regulatory agency experience. In addition to their industry expertise, we select tutors for their ability to teach effectively, and we support them through train-the-trainer programs.

Navigate the regulatory and technical requirements demanded in the industry by proactively seeking NSF’s educational service to best prepare your staff and workforce.

Follow the course links to enroll.