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Pharmaceutical Quality Systems Training

The quality of your products depends on the quality of your people and the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical quality system (PQS).

Our PQS training develops your staff at all levels to make sure they maximize their contribution to the business, and helps you establish, manage, monitor and continually improve your pharmaceutical quality system.

Instructor-Led Courses

Changing GMP Behaviors
This Changing GMP Behaviours course is only available as corporate in-house training and can be delivered in a format and time frame that works for you and your team.
Human Performance: Beyond Human Error
This insightful, focused course will improve your understanding of human performance and the application of associated tools. The course will make it easier for people to work at their best and reduce the opportunities for human error and repeat deviations.
Responsible Person and Good Distribution Practice
Learn how to become a Responsible Person (RP), the duties and responsibilities of an RP and the role of the RPi (Responsible Person (import).
Documentation Simplification Training
This Documentation Simplification Training course is only available as corporate in-house training and can be delivered in a format and time frame that works for you and your team.
Supplier Quality Management
This interactive, two-day management of suppliers training course equips you with all the tools to develop, implement or improve your pharmaceutical supplier quality management programs.
Certified Investigator
This course covers all aspects of pharmaceutical investigations from defining and investigating the problem using root cause analysis tools to writing up the investigation and determining the corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) using the CAPA hierarchy and CAPA effectiveness.
Deviation and CAPA Management
This Deviation and CAPA Management Training course is only available as corporate in-house training and can be delivered in a format and time frame that works for you and your team.
Quality Risk Management
This interactive training course provides you with a thorough understanding of quality risk management as set out in ICH Q9. We explore the full extent of the approach and practice the most commonly used tools and techniques to improve your decision-making skills.
Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
Do more than just reduce costs. Learn how to simplify systems and add value to your company. In this intensive, highly interactive course you learn the essential elements of an effective, compliant and modern pharmaceutical quality system (PQS). We show you how to implement, monitor and manage a quality system that meets the needs of all major international regulatory agencies.
Data Integrity Training
This pharmaceutical data integrity course is available as corporate in-house training and can be delivered in a format and time frame that works for you and your team.

Online Self-Paced Courses

GxP Refresher Training ICH Q8, Q9 and Q10
This eLearning provides an overview of ICH Q8 Pharmaceutical Development, ICH Q9 Quality Risk Management (QRM) and Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS). It summarises the key principles and benefits that accrue with the effective and collective implementation of ICH Q8,9 and 10.
Self-Inspections – How to Make Them Add Value to Your Organisation
This E-Learning session provides an overview of the key elements in each stage of the self-inspection process, outlining where it fits into the overall audit pyramid.
SOP Writing and Revision
This eLearning revisits the core purpose of SOPs, which is so often forgotten in many companies. It will provide useful guidance on how to write, implement and maintain your SOPs within your Sites’ documentation hierarchy.
General Drug or Pharmaceutical cGMP and Quality Systems
This digital learning program utilizes real-world scenarios, learner interactions, coordinated audio/video content, and engaging knowledge checks throughout each course to ensure student engagement. This course is presented in three modules, for approximately five hours of content.
Pharmaceutical Data Integrity
NSF’s self-paced data integrity eLearning modules include a quick data integrity online introduction. The online courses can be taken individually as standalone modules or as a bundle for cost savings.
Deviation Investigations and CAPA
Our Deviation Investigations and CAPA eLearning is a 30-minute introductory course that provides an overview of the requirements of a deviation investigation and CAPA process.
Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints: A Guide for Employees
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to pharmacovigilance and why it is required to monitor the detection, assessment and prevention of adverse events, adverse reactions and side effects of medicinal products post marketing.
Change Control Overview
This 45 minute self-paced learning course provides an overview of the requirements of a change control process.

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Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
Virtual Classroom Training
Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
York, United Kingdom
Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
Virtual Classroom Training
  • State-of-the-art methodology, practical cases/lots of examples, very experienced tutors - all those items are the recipe for this extremely valuable experience/educational course.
    Olivier Gross
    Sanofi Pasteur, France
  • Very informative as is always the case in these sessions. Thought-provoking. Must-do course to keep updated and for CPD.
    Anne Moore
    M&A Pharmachem, UK
  • Pete is always extremely knowledgeable and his personality and the way he delivers the material makes the course great!
    Marie Aherne
    Novartis, UK

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